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Silent (2007)

In December 2006 and January 2007 I created the composition Silent (in 7 parts), "Music for late at night, with no wind, and maybe a soft drizzle. Staring out of your window at the empty streets." It is released on CDR on the Fridgesound label.

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The work is based on a specific synthesis procedure, inspired by James Tenney and programmed in real-time audio-synthesis and algorithmic composition software SuperCollider 3.

It is quite different from my live electronics work. If the term wasn`t misused so often I would call it ambient. I like the idea that the music blends with the environment. Definitely influenced by John Hudak, Tim Hecker, Biosphere and Jazzkammer.

Please listen with headphones or good speakers.
You can buy the full CD at Fridgesound.

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