Robert van Heumen Composer Improvisor Laptop-Instrumentalist Sound-Designer
Software Developer
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Sound design 85

Sanoma Technology Video Trailer

Created in collaboration with the Rick Angenent Studio for Sanoma Technology.

Sound design 81

‘encounters with nature’ (2016)

a performance directed by Margret Wibmer, opens up space for participation and dialogue, for reflection and production.

Simulating the natural cycle of day and night in Natlab’s theater space with neither stage nor seating for a public and enveloped by a soundscape by Robert van Heumen, visitors are invited to share thoughts and concerns regarding nature and the nonreciprocal effects caused by human activity.

Co-produced by Natlab and Margret Wibmer

Sound design 78

Eurapco Board Symposium Paris 2015

Soundscape, music for promotional videos, live performance with Coen Witteveen
Event produced by Me&Maureen

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Sound design 80

Marktplaats Zakelijk Lounge at Spin Awards 2015 Amsterdam

Event produced by Move

Sound design 79

Sol Independence Day at Forteiland IJmuiden 2013 / Soundscape

Event produced by Me&Maureen and Move

Sound design 55

Achmea Pensioen Congres

The commission was to create background soundscapes for 4 differently themed rooms.

Sound design 17

The Holding

Sounddesign for the installation The Holding by Margret Wibmer.

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Sound design 18


Lifeguards is an audio-visual piece by Smadar Dreyfus. Audio mix by Robert van Heumen.
Developed over three years of research by the artist, Lifeguards is a dual screen audiovisual installation that examines the way culture is embedded in speech and how identity is constructed through language.

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Sound design 73

Ahrend Office Furniture Event

12-channel installation

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