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NL_CL Live at Zaal 100

Netherlands Coding Live aka NL_CL is a collective of live coding artists. This is the recording of a concert in Zaal 100 Amsterdam.
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Songs of Love (and Decay)

Songs of Love (and Decay) is a song-cycle by Robert van Heumen for voice and electronics performed by Evelien van den Broek; based on a series of personal texts about love in a decaying world.
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Thanks to Evelien van den Broek for lending her special voice to this project. This album is dedicated to the very special persons who inspired these songs. You know who you are.

"I love the frequent sharp edge and originality of the music, and the totally futuristic, technological vibe throughout. Superb singer! I find your music here reminding me of many things, especially from the 1980s and early 2000s, but of course it is none of those things really, it is completely new and unpredictable!"
Michael Bonaventure, composer and organist

Money For Your Whale

Released by Money For Your Whale in the summer of 2013. (psst! listen...)

Twelve-Twelve-Twelve consists of 12 tracks that were recorded on December 12 2012. It is available as three sub-releases.

"Carefully selected preparations along with live sampling techniques twist, transpose and transform the commonplace instrument, and lead us through a constantly evolving exploration of various auditory realms."
Lauren Sarah Hayes, composer, performer, improviser

The Shackle Stick

Released by Shackle in Aug 2012. (psst! listen...)

Shackle has released The Shacke Stick: a designer memory stick with audio and video from Shackle’s concerts. All music performed live by Shackle, mixed by Anne La Berge and Robert van Heumen. The stick is accompanied by the Shackle Multiplayer Music Game. This is a card game based on the digital interactive improvisation system that Shackle uses in their performances. Design by Isabelle Vigier, video by Maarten van Rossem.

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Released in Dec 2009 on Creative Sources Recordings. (psst! listen...)

The music on this album is performed by Jeff Carey and Robert van Heumen at STEIM’s Studio 2 in February & September 2008. The interactive visuals by Bas van Koolwijk are an integral part of live performances by SKIF++ and as such are present in this music.

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Released in July 2009 on Evil Rabbit Records. Available on Fridgesound records. (psst! listen...)

"Digital brutalism in free form, vehement expressions, heightened efforts, wailings and atonal lamentations are all performed with uninterrupted breathing techniques - the electronic manipulation is relentless, full of powerful distortions, melancholic melodies and experimental combinations. Authentic, intricate compositions [...]."
Aurelio Cianciotta for

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Robert van Heumen

Released in May 2009 on Creative Sources Recordings. (psst! listen...)

" [...] Stranger in any case represents an intriguing chapter in the output of a hardly pigeon-hole-able emerging sound artist. There`s more than meets the ears, though it takes persistence to find the combination needed to enter this obscure area, halfway through the remnants of excruciating memories and the blurred idea of an uncertain future."
Massimo Ricci for The Squid’s Ear

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Whistle Pig Saloon

Released in March 2009 on Creative Sources Recordings. (psst! listen...)

" [...] enjoy and translate this almost-palpably visual, cerebral yet immediately mesmeric work [...] this music exudes the grace and violence of a NASA enterprise: at times lingering in static poses on the dark side of the moon, other moments crashing face-first into the sun."
Dave Madden for The Squid’s Ear

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Recording the Grain

Released November 2008 on +3db. (psst! listen...)

"Contrapuntal layering of all these effects provides Office-R (6) with distinctiveness - an ever-shifting interface that negates minimalist austerity while clasping on to its hypnotic effects."
Ken Waxman for Jazzworld

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Various Artists
Noise Room

Released 2008 on sonig

The NOISE ROOM CD documents the NOISE ROOM, an autonomous surround sound space built for pre-recorded musical works and sonic experiments.The NOISEROOM CD features exclusive compositions by: Lee Ranaldo, Black Dice, Kevin Blechdom, Mouse on Mars, David Grubbs, Vert, Jason Forrest, Daniel Schorno, Sun OK Papi K.O., Casey Rice, Robert van Heumen, Jeff Carey, Keith Fullerton Whitman aka Hrvatski and Michel Waisvisz.

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SK++ [01,02,03,04,00]

Released April 2008 on Fridgesound

"[...] this is musique concrete that has torn away from its formal, academic origins. Deconstruction and reassembly in nasty extremis."
David Stubbs, The Wire

"SKIF++ knows when to pull back, make a move, a new gesture and offer new insights."
Frans de Waard, Vital Weekly

Robert van Heumen

Released January 2008 on Creative Sources Recordings. (psst! listen...)

"[...] emanating a sense of disquietude ... texts are suspended among drones, hums and buzz`n`crackles: muffled rustlings and dissonant glitches, wonderfully acted in a vibrant music crescendo but also still ambiguous, harsh and unstable."
Aurelio Cianciotta,

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Robert van Heumen

Released March 2007 on Fridgesound / CD-R format. (psst! listen...)

Unique solo work based upon a single synthesis procedure after James Tenney.

Mundane Occurrences and Presentations

Released February 2006 on Lampse

"The disc`s purposeful, stop-start interplay is permeated by perpetual flux and invention with electronic sputter, bass clarinet growls, bowed scrapes, saxophone honks, and sliced voice samples endlessly circling around and colliding with one another. [...] resembles the kind of challenging music Luciano Berio might be creating were he alive today and in his composing prime.
Texture March 2005

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Robert van Heumen

Released 2006 on Fridgesound / CD-R format

"... Solitude is so intense that you don`t need to read a manual beforehand. The piece is as good as the book and unfolds in its own way. It is rare that the experience of silence, witch belongs to reading and loneliness, is captured so adequately in moving imagery and sound."
Joost Heijthuijsen

Live at STEIM

Released April 2005 on A-version / CD-R format

CD-R capturing a storming collection of live improvised music from the formidable International N-Collective. Tracks from Office-R(6), Thai on Top and Pho.

News from Holland Vol 1

Released 2004 on X-OR

N Collective`s debut CD, showcasing the efforts of all the different N groups. Tracks from Office-R(4), Robert van Heumen and the illustrious b:lab.

Document 1

Released 2003 on Unsounds

3 years of live electronic improvisation from the Kraakgeluiden series of improvised music-performances in Amsterdam. Appearing on the CD are over 30 musicians including: Jaap Blonk, Cor Fuhler, Gert-Jan Prins, Anne le Berge, Marko Ciciliani. Includes a track by OfficeR Extended.
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