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Untitled For Anne

Untitled For Anne (2015, 10')

is a composition by Robert van Heumen for flute and live electronics, developed in collaboration with and performed by Anne La Berge, with financiel support from the Performing Arts Fund NL

'Untitled for Anne' is a game of power between the flute and the computer. The software is directly controlled by the acoustic input of the flute in an attempt to break down the traditional power of the composer. Control is in the hands of the player, but the computer can take over if not restrained properly. The work consist of notated and improvised music with live processing and sampling of the flute. No pre-recorded sample material is used in the performance of this piece.

Download the score and the SuperCollider stand-alone program to perform the piece.

'Untitled for Anne' is dedicated to Anne La Berge, the strongest flutist on earth.

November 28, 2015 (premiere), Orgelpark Amsterdam Amsterdam
June 4, 2016, Sankt Peter Köln
June 7, 2016, Zaal 100 Amsterdam

Listen to the full piece as performed on November 28 2015 at Orgelpark:

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Watch the full piece as performed on November 28 2015 at Orgelpark:

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