Robert van Heumen Composer Improvisor Laptop-Instrumentalist Sound-Designer
Software Developer
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Told To Succumb

Told To Succumb (2020)

is the next step for Van Heumen in his quest for the perfect balance between composition and improvisation, between the acoustic and the electronic. Working with the organ as a huge synthesizer, combining its sound with sampled and synthesized sound, it is an attempt to create a hybrid organ, where all sounds are controlled from the computer keyboard. Creating a soundscape in real-time, using code to control notes and registers of the organ as well as noises from the computer, it is also a movement in a different direction for Van Heumen. Away from the hyper-control of the computer-instrument, into the uncertainties of live code. Hurray!

Below a research version for electronics only, performed at an Algorave by the Netherlands Coding Live community at Zaal 100 Amsterdam, and a performance version with organ at the St. Antonius church in Düsseldorf, in a program organised by Gamut Inc together with organist Markus Hinz.

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