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Parish of Tama

Parish of Tama (2016, 17')

is a composition for cement mixer, clarinet, electric bass, drums and laptop-instrument by Robert van Heumen with financial support from the Performing Arts Fund NL

The Cement Mixer is the ultimate Groove instrument: constant and tight but ever-changing and dirty as mud. In Parish of Tama the cement mixer lays down a dynamic groove ánd is played as a percussion instrument. Assisted by a dirty electric bass and bare-bones drumkit for a killer groove. A hint of melody is added by the clarinet in a whirlwind of dark atmospheres and screams. The laptop-instrument bending their sound into the unknown.
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Cement mixer: Yung-Tuan Ku
Electric bass: Leonardo Grimaudo
Clarinet: Oguz Buyukberber
Laptop-instrument: Robert van Heumen
Drums: Etienne Nillesen

Premiere in De Ruimte, Amsterdam, on November 2 2016. Listen | Watch | See



Full video of the premiere:

Excerpt of the premiere (skip to 1:11 for Parish):

Teaser video:

The Pictures

Recording samples

Moving the beast

Inside the machine

Ready for the concert

Etienne, Leo and KuTuan

Showtime with Etienne, Leo, KuTuan, Robert and Oguz (photo's by Fie Schouten)

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